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Education & Support for Parents

Mindset Essentials for Parents to help them raise resilient, confident, happy kids.
These 90 minute sessions include a ‘manual’ full of practical tools and useful tips.

‘Emotional First Aid’
for Parents of Tots ~ Tweens (ELC – Yr 6)

Parents will learn how to...

use (and avoid!) the common phrases that develop (and crush!) self-esteem
protect their kids from ‘not good enough’ beliefs and negative self-talk
instil in their kids minds a resilient, can-do attitude
diffuse worries and big emotions faster (theirs and yours!)
create more connection and calm at home

Mother and daughter

‘Emotional First Aid’
for Parents of Teens

Parents will learn how to...

restore and build more connection with your teen
speak their language for support and communicate on a deeper level
help them reduce anxiety and overcome fears to reach their full potential
instil more responsibility and emotional independence
diffuse conflict and overwhelming emotions

"All parents need this guidance! It has made such a big difference to the way I now talk to my kids and the connection I feel. Wish I’d known all this sooner, but grateful to know it now. Thank you for sharing. Alison

Parents with son

Be prepared. Know what to do when emotions run high or when life throws a curveball

Tailor a seminar, webinar or workshop to suit your specific school education and/or wellness program. Individuals can also book these

Education & Support for Teens

Mindset Essentials for teens to navigate adolescence and thrive (beyond their academics!)

‘Teen Mindset Hacks’
for Senior Student Groups (Years 10-12)

A 90 minute session with a ‘manual’ full of practical tools and useful tips.
Teens will learn how to:
cope better with change, challenges, and setbacks
overcome fears to take positive action (home/school/work/relationships/life)
use mindset tools to be more resilient and emotionally independent
feel good about themselves and their identity
challenge limiting beliefs that hold them back
reduce stress, worry and pressure

"So much stuff I didn’t know and so glad I now do. All the simple tips and strategies were incredibly helpful and so easy to follow. I’m totally going to recommend all my friends do this. It’s amazing! Thanks so much! Luke, Year 11

 Teenager giving thumbs up

"So much stuff I didn’t know and so glad I now do. All the simple tips and strategies were incredibly helpful and so easy to follow. I’m totally going to recommend all my friends do this. It’s amazing! Thanks so much! Luke, Year 11

Adolescence can be tough. Let me help make it a bit easier!

Give senior school students a mindset advantage! Book them into a workshop as part of their education and/or wellness program

EFT / Tapping to Release Stress and Relax

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping as it’s also known, combines the principles of both ancient acupressure and modern psychology. In a nutshell, EFT/Tapping is a very effective relaxation technique you can use anywhere, anytime, to help calm yourself down quite quickly. Tapping helps to release stress in the mind and body, enabling you to relax, think more clearly and sleep better.

‘Time-Out Tap ‘n Relax’
for Adult and Student Groups

A 60 minute session to experience and enjoy EFT/Tapping.
You will learn...
what EFT/Tapping is and how this simple, yet powerful tool can release any stress or pressure you feel to give your mind and body a calming break
how to vent, validate and process daily thoughts, feelings, and tension to combat the ‘Fight/Flight/Freeze’ response and help the ‘Rest & Digest’ response

*No need to say or share anything. If teens are online, cameras and mics are off.

A little more detail. Everything is energy! A build-up of stress can cause blockages in our body’s subtle energy systems. When our energy (or chi as it’s known in Chinese Medicine) becomes blocked or stagnant, negative emotions can develop, along with physical symptoms. By gently tapping with our fingertips on specific points, while focusing our thoughts on the issue or the problem, we can restore the balance of energy allowing our body to heal itself and respond in naturally healthy ways.

"It was so good learning to tap whilst at the same time being able to relax in my own home. Can’t wait to share it with the kids too! Thanks so much Tanya - I will highly recommend. Nikki

"It was amazing to feel and witness so many positive energy shifts! Nicky

Parents with son

Restore Inner Peace and Heal with the Power of Forgiveness

Forgiveness creates transformation. Choosing to let go and feel free does not mean that what happened to you or what someone did to you was ok. Absolutely not! Forgiveness is about bringing inner peace and calm back to YOU. It is about YOU healing and moving on. When we hold onto feelings of resentment and hurt, it’s like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die! It weakens our immune system and can make us sick.

‘Let Go & Feel Free’
for Adult Groups

A 90 minute session to heal old emotional wounds, release triggers and move forwards
You will learn:
how to release old hurts, resentments or wrongs that have been done to you
how to empower yourself and restore a feeling of inner peace and calm

*No need to say or share anything
Tanya webinar

"The forgiveness webinar was so good. I went deep into the meditation and loved all the positive learnings. Loved being part of a group too – I’m not alone! Alison

"Thanks so much for the amazing workshop today. I’ve been carrying so much personal baggage. I was aware I needed to change but I was seriously stuck! You opened my eyes up. I now realise I need to give myself the love I am so happy to give to others. I’ve decided I’m going to nurture and cherish myself more and be the best possible me there is. This is all thanks to you and the amazing ability you have connecting with us. Much love and appreciation. Dinky

"Thanks for the beautiful session today. I was unsure how to work through my hurt from some relationships in my life. The rituals today have really helped me put my feelings into perspective. I now feel free, unblocked and so much lighter. You helped me realise that I have choices. Thank you for being so kind and caring. Michelle

Parents with son

Tap into your own natural ability to heal, learn & grow

Tapping and Forgiveness work is also included in all my 1-1 services