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My Qualifications
BA. Hons, Grad. Dip. Ed, CH, AHA

I’m a certified and accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist, Level 2 EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Hypnofit® and Family Freedom Protocol Therapist, as well as a Goulding SleepTalk® Consultant.

I also have a teaching background and am a mum to two gorgeous kids (yes, I’m biased! But seriously, they are my greatest teachers!)

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My clinic

I am the Founder and Director of TLC Natural Health Works – a Natural Health Clinic in Melbourne, Australia, established in 2002. A calm and peaceful space - it allows you to retreat from the hectic pace of life (even if only momentarily) and focus on what is really important – you and your family!

Our experienced practitioners provide the perfect balance of professional and personalised service. They adopt an individual and holistic approach to health and often go above and beyond to help clients. I am very proud of our highly regarded, passionate team, endorsed by the fact that a large percentage of all our business comes from client referrals.


My vision

With the increasingly alarming rates of childhood anxiety, depression, self-harming and teen suicide, together with widespread family stress, conflict and breakdown, it has become my mission to reach and support as many families (individuals, couples and kids) as I can.

Drawing on over twenty years of education, training, work and personal life experience (plenty of my own very challenging times), my vision is for as many individuals and families as possible to access my programs, so they know how to get through any ‘storm’ faster. My ultimate goal is to empower all my clients to create the changes they desire and find a balance that's right for them so they can enjoy their best life.

I’m so excited that one positive to come out of COVID lockdown, is that geographical distance is no longer a barrier. My client reach has expanded. All my services, programs and seminars are now available worldwide, via Zoom.

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My loves and passions

Confession - I think I might love my dogs as much as I love my kids (almost!) I adore my family - they are beautiful humans, such great company and a huge part of the joy I experience in my life. It’s not always been ‘colourful’ though and I’m so grateful for the endless support they’ve given me in difficult times and for teaching me so much, especially about unconditional love and the impact that addressing my needs and being happy has on them!

Being out in nature is my happy place. Simple pleasures like walking barefoot on the grass or on warm sand, swimming in the ocean and basking in the sun, all fill me up!

I love photography - taking fun images and capturing beautiful moments– which of course my teenagers love! (Well, I’m sure they will one day!)

Helping people break unwanted patterns to make desirable change (relatively quickly), is my absolute passion! Kids mirror what we say and do. Our energy too! Happier parents. Happier kids. I love that everyone benefits from the ripple effect of parent education and support in families.

 Tanya with daughter

My story - and the 3 keys to change

Hindsight sure is a wonderful thing! How I wish I’d known 20 years ago what I know now about how the mind works (especially the mind of a child), and how negative experiences and beliefs, often formed in childhood, can have such a massive impact on mental health and wellbeing as an adult.

When I first experienced an intense bout of overwhelming stress, triggering debilitating anxiety and depression in my early 20’s, I didn’t know where to go for help, let alone seek the type of support that may address the cause of my symptoms. I spent many years trying to manage and hide it, but it was exhausting and took a toll on me, my career and my relationships!

Below I share a ‘snippet’ of my story and the 3 keys that I believe open up the door to change and strong emotional wellbeing, in the hope it may help you or someone you know who is struggling.


Ask yourself ...
Can you still recall things that were said to you as a child that dented your confidence or that still makes you doubt or question yourself today, all these years later?
Do you still carry anger, resentment, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, shame, or other negative feelings from events in your past?

So many of my clients answer yes to these questions and are surprised to discover the adult challenges they are experiencing often originated in childhood or are a build-up of stress/trauma over many years. I too answered yes to these questions and for a long time I sought help from the only means I knew: GP’s, Counsellors, Psychologists and Psychiatrists. Some were more helpful than others. Some offered strategies to help me manage my symptoms, some offered medication, some made me feel supported, some made me feel worse! But even on my best days, anxiety and self-doubt still simmered away.

It wasn’t until my toddler started to show symptoms of anxiety (nail biting and separation distress) that I began to worry about the impact my own mental health was having. In my search for options, I discovered Clinical Hypnotherapy and the power of the subconscious mind to bring about change. Learning the gentle SleepTalk® process to help children feel secure was such a blessing!

I’d always been aware of the events in my life when anxiety and depression had been at their worst, but I’d never joined the dots to much earlier events in my life and was completely unaware of how many destructive triggers, patterns, emotions and beliefs I held. It was the first time I came to understand how my mind worked, the power and role of my subconscious mind and why talking about my issues alone did not bring about the change I had been seeking for so long. It was a life changing experience, to say the least! With new awareness, action and support, I finally felt a sense of inner calm. The relief I felt was so great, but the positive effect on my family was profound.

You may or may not be aware of the culmination of events that underpin your anxiety or the challenges you’re facing. But the bottom line is, you cannot change the things that you are not aware of. Even if you do have some awareness, you may or may not know how to go about resolving the issues. Or for some clients, they know exactly what action they need to take, but struggle doing it! This is where support comes in and why support is also so vital for change. It’s normal for there to be setbacks along the way, so having support to keep you motivated and accountable throughout the change process is essential.

As a parent with my own history of stress, anxiety, and depression, I learnt that the best gift I could give my kids and my whole family was to free myself of my emotional triggers. We all have a past. Some of us are affected by it more than others – but specific awareness, action and support are the keys to change and to feeling positive, calmer and more connected. Finding these keys not only helped me enjoy my own life more, but also my parenting journey.

And that’s my wish! To create more positive generational cycles by working with individuals, families and school groups. With these 3 keys, we can avoid repeating destructive patterns and instead learn what we can say and do to protect our kids’ self-esteem and boost their emotional wellbeing.

At times in the past, my mental health struggles took me to places where life felt ‘dark’, but the journey has taught me so much, and for that I feel incredibly grateful, as that drives me everyday to support people with my services.

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